actual audio clip of Klaus complaining about Esther

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While everyone else is starting Dreamfall Chapters today or tomorrow I haven’t even started replaying the first two games yet so I’m gonna get on that this week

I love the word “whore”. To me, it doesn’t mean prostitute. Prostitutes are cool. They’re making money while having fun and that’s great! To me, it just means “immoral sexual deviant”. If anything, it means the person PAYING for sex, the one so desperate that they give away their money just to be used.

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Apparently chronic illnesses like depression and anxiety can wear down your defenses and make you an emotional sponge.

That’s why I’m an empathy whore. Make it stopppppp

I don’t understand that song that’s like “she’s the prom queen and I’m in the marching band” because those are both things to be proud of??? Why are you putting yourself down

I wish the male species knew how to communicate properly and tell you if they have a fucking problem with you

Anonymous said: did your anon from high school ever come back?

No. I don’t know if that was real.

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i think

i figured out a scientific explanation for spirits and the spirit world

ok bear with me for a moment while i lay some groundwork

if you have a 3d sphere and it’s passing through a 2d plane, from the perspective of the 2d plane it would first appear as a dot (when the sphere is just touching the plane) then increase to a circle (with radius increasing as the sphere goes through the plane) eventually reaching a maximum of the radius of the sphere (when the sphere is halfway through), and then decrease back to a dot and disappear.


well the same thing would happen if a 4d object passed through our 3d “plane.” a 4d “sphere” for example would first appear as a dot, then increase to a SPHERE in our space, and then decrease back to a dot and disappear.





in this theory, spirits are four-dimensional and the spirit world is actually just a universe on a different 3d plane from ours. and the reason humans can’t touch spirits is because they’re just 3d “shadows” of their true 4d forms

i doubt bryke thought of this but i think it’s a cool possible scientific explanation :)

Yes, it’s just a higher frequency of existence.

There is no death. People without bodies are just as alive as people with them. But bodies are unable to perceive energy that vibrates on that level. Well, most of them. Sometimes there are “ghost whisperers”.

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